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Am No Longer In Relationship With 2pee, We Have No Child Together - Ex-Lover Kiden

Posted on Oct 12, 2021
By LTAuthor


Popular comedian and radio presenter 2Pee's UK based ex-girlfriend who double as a musician Bet Erin Kiden has come out and warned 2pee to stop telling his friends that they are still in relationship.

Singer stated that she is tired of 2pee nonsense of moving around with her name claiming she is still his wife.

According to Bet Erin Kiden, she ended the relationship in beginning of 2020 and she is not with him and they don't have any child together as he claim having a son together.

2Pee's Ex girlfriend took to Facebook ''I want to make this clear, am not in no relationship with 2pee, so while he is still out their telling you guys bullshit of my wife my wife... I want to make this clear, I ended this relationship publicly on here and I don't to him and lastly all this bullshit he is telling people that I have a son with him is not true. The only child I have is a daughter. So please and please, to those always asking me stupid questions of the son I had  or that or we heard. I hope I have make this clear enough. I ended the relationship in the beginning of 2020, am not with him and we don't have no son together'.

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