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Musician KD Kristo Claims NRM Mafias Want To Kill Him Over Demanding For Campaign compensations. Watch Video Here

Posted on Oct 06, 2021
By LTAuthor


Motor-Mouthed NRM diehard and local musician KD Kristo says he has information that some NRM leaders in the region want to end up his life.

KD Kristo who is one of the NRM diehards in the country says the Mafias held a meeting with the aim of killing him for demanding for the campaign money.

''On Sunday 3th October 2021 some NRM leaders gathered somewhere in a hotel to plan on how to poison me so that I die for demanding for the payment of what we worked for in Northern Uganda under President Museveni's power where we have been campaigning for the president very hard and he managed to retain his seat as the president for the sixth term. And now today they want to kill me because am demanding for the payment.' singer KD Kristo said.

He however, said that he has struggled and formed presidential entertainment group and he also wants see the benefits on him as the founder.

According to KD Kristo, he has all the evidence including the video clips containing everything discussed at the meeting in one of the hotels.

He concluded that they are the very people who campaigned so hard for the president to win the 2021 elections in Northern Uganda.

Follow the link to watch the video<>>https://youtu.be/RKWUB1x80eM

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