Shocking!! I Have Been Eating Fellow Men's Behind, I Am Now Tired Of Hiding - Afande Kerekere Reveals

Posted on Feb 05, 2020
By LTAuthor
Popular Uganda's comedian and rugby referee Afande Kerekere has finally revealed that he is a gay and been drilling other men's behinds as a gay confession.
However, he also said that the reasons why he was probably fired from Bukudde Television and Galaxy FM was because of homosexuals.

According to Kerekere, he has been drilling fellows men's outlet for quite many years and he has decided to come out the dark to the public because he was now tired of hiding.
Afande Kerekere shocked his followers when he came out about his being gay through a post on Facebook from that account ‘Out & Proud African LGBTI’ where he appeared wearing an orange T-shirt with the words ‘we exist’.

Afande Kerekere confirmed that he was gay and also other photos show him with fellow men and holding cups with LGBT colors hence erasing all the denials.

It should be remembered that recently President Museveni warned Western Powers against destroying African Culture by bringing their evil beliefs to Africa and also, the Uganda Anti-homosexuality Act, 2014 passed on 17th December 2013 mentions of a penalty life in prison for aggravated homosexuality.

Homosexuals still face a lot of discrimination in Uganda fueled by culture and religion, probably explaining why it has taken Kerekere all this long to come out to the public and announce his preference.

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