Parliament Human Rights Committee Pins Bryan White For Sexually Harassing Female Employees

Posted on Apr 22, 2021
By LTAdmin


A report from the Parliament of Uganda Human Rights Committee has pinned socialate Bryan White For Sexually harassing his female employees at the time of him employing them.

According to Agnes Taaka, the Vice Chairperson of the Committee, investigations into claims that Bryan White sexually harassed girls at his now defunct Brian White Foundation were completed and they are now waiting for a day they will present the findings on the floor of Parliament.

Taaka said that all they want is for the girls affected to get justice.

Taaka has now tasked the Uganda Police to do its job in taking up the case so that this serves as an example to other employees. 

Bryan White disappeared from the spotlight early hast year after he was hit with a strange illness that almost took away his life.

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