Bosmic Otim Preaches Against Tribalism, Segregation And Divisions In Uganda In His Latest Song Dubbed ''Bonyo Ma Dano'

Posted on Mar 19, 2021
By LTAuthor


Former MP Chua West Constituency aspirant and musician, Bosmic Otim has hit back with a brand new song titled 'Bonyo Ma Dano."

It should be noted that Bosmic Otim lost the race to Ojara Okin PP of FDC.

Bonyo Ma Dano is a Luo word that means Locust who are people when loosely translated in English. 

In the song, Bosmic Otim has preached about tribalism, segregation and divisions in numerous departments in Uganda.

According to Bosmic Otim whenever you are a Northerner and you have gone searching for a job in an office in Uganda and they get to find out that you are from the North, they will always make sure you don't succeed in any job.

Follow the link to download the song>>>

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