Campus Bar Proprietor Survive Coolers Over Bribery

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
By LTAdmin





The proprietor of Campus Bar Hassan which is located in Layibi A and B Pece division, Gulu municipality tody 14th Jan 2020 survives to spend a night in the Gulu CPS over alleged bribery to stop the division authority from demolishing the structure built into the Gulu sidewalk forcing pedestrian to compete with Cars and motorcycles.

According to the source, Hassan who had already been served with a caution letter to remove the barricade from the walkway and also tone down on the high volume of music blasted from the premises instead chose to offer hundred thousand shillings to Kelly Komakech the Pece division chairperson in What he termed as “Transport for the site visit”.

A visibly angered Kelly instead called his town agent and drove with Hassan to Gulu CPS  to record a statement with the Hundred thousand shillings as exhibits for Hassan only to be served by a UPDF major he placed a call to and another highly placed senior police officers at the Gulu CPS.

According to other local authority junior security agencies within the area of Layibi A and B, Go-down and Lacan Quite, Campus bar is one of the many untouchable venues in the area and local council authority such as the LC1 cannot direct or guide them in their operation.

In the previous incident, the place has been a scene of the murder and no one has yet been held accountable while another unidentified man was rescued by the division authority after he was held prisoner at the bar for failure to pay for his sex rampage with one of the night ladies.

Question as to whether the chairman shall allow the venue to reign supreme and continue to block the walkway, blast discotheque level music and operate with all the impunity remains to be seen as Kelly has been put on record to have threatened to instruct his team not to renew the operational license of all bars that have been served with caution letter and failed to adjust.


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