American Rapper Young QC Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison After Hiring Gunman To Kill His Mother

Posted on Feb 04, 2020
By LTAuthor

American fast raising rapper Qaw’mane Wilson best known as “Young QC” has been sentenced to 99 years  to spend rest of life behind bars after he hired a hitman to murder his own mother in order to inherit her properties.

According to the report, the rapper was on Friday found guilty of the murder-for-hire last year and sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. The gunman, Eugene Spencer, was sentenced to 100 years.

“The word is ‘matricide,’ meaning murder of one’s own mother, is a big offence,” Cook County Judge Stanley Sacks who jailed the men said.

In 2012, Wilson, who was the only child of her mother hired a hitman Eugene Spencer to kill her so he could have access to her accounts. Yolanda Holmes was shot and stabbed to death by the hitman after he was ordered by Wilson to “make sure the b*tch is dead.”

It was also revealed that Spencer drove with Wilson’s girlfriend to the rapper’s mum’s home to kill her.

He reportedly shot Ms.Holmes as she slept in her bed, then struggled with her boyfriend, knocking him unconscious, before returning to stab Holmes after a phone conversation with Wilson, who ordered him to “make sure the bitch is dead.”

Months after his mother’s death, Wilson collected the money in his mother’s bank accounts and used it to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

It is also said that the rapper used the money to flaunt in his music videos and would often give out thousands of dollars to his fans.

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