Two Armed Men Have Been Paid To Shoot Me Dead Within The Remaining Days To Elections - Says Bosmic Otim

Posted on Jan 07, 2021
By LTAuthor


Popular singer cum politician Bosmic Otim has on Thursday come out and said he has received a report about a planned attack of shooting him dead by two hired gunmen.

Previously, Bosmic Otim has been spreading the news about two armed men who were in pipeline plotting to take away his life before Election Day.

''I am seeing the remaining days from 15th January 2021 onwards, these days are going to be tough days for me after knowing that two armed men who have been paid to gun me down according to the reports I have received and these people were in Masindi and met their bargain munis any remaining balance and are now left with work," Bosmic Otim says in the video.

Bosmic Otim says in the previous year, he has been telling people that not all oppositions are true oppositions and people thought he was just kidding.

"Previously, I have been telling you people that not all opposition are true oppositions and you thought I was kidding, we have oppositions who are katwe made (fake) among oppositions so that the money flow keeps within them and also should be rotating in their circles." He said 

According to Bosmic, his coming as Bosmic has reigned everything that is moving in the circles because he has entered with high pressure which has made fake oppositions not succeeding in the campaigns anymore.

"And now my coming as Bosmic has spoiled everything that is moving in the circles because I have come full forced which has made the fake oppositions not to succeed or have clear breathing space during the campaigns and as I talk, these two hired armed men are already in Kitgum. They came on 28th December 2020.

Bosmic, however, said the two armed men who were fully paid for the job of killing are already in Kitgum District hunting for him.
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