Gulu Main Market Bans Political Campaigns Within The Premises, Worried As Covid-19 SOP's Are Ignored

Posted on Dec 15, 2020
By LTAdmin


Gulu main market authorities have banned political campaigns in and within it's premises citing fear of Covid-19 infections.

Most politicians have made it a habit to go and camp at Gulu main market and hold political rallies their without following covid-19 guidelines which puts lives of the occupants of the market at risk.

Francis Megolonyo, the master Gulu main market said these politicians have hindered their revenue collection as well as put their lives at risk. Megolongo also noted that this is a security threat to items sold by vendors as not everyone within the market premises is a buyer.

Covid-19 guidelines and SOPs have also been ignored within the market as there is no more social distancing, washing hands and using facemasks by buyers and sellers.

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