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You No Longer Have The Vibes And Art - Singer Bush Boy Blasts Producer Washington

Posted on Sep 29, 2021
By LTAuthor


Struggling West Nile musician Bush Boy King has blasted Uganda's legendary audio producer Washington for underrating Westnile music industry.

This comes after the celebrated producer who was the brain behind Mwozey Radio & Weseal's hits appeared on one of the local television stations and was asked to rate West Nile music out 10% according to his experience. Out of a sadden, Washington rated the West Nile music industry zero out of ten.

His statement raised a lot tensions amongst West Nile music stakeholders throwing all sort of unpleasant words on him beginning with one of self proclaimed artists Bush Boy not spearing him.

Bush Boy king took to his Facebook account to assure the producer who is currently in the region working with several musicians that he has got nothing.

 ''YOU NO LONGER HAVE THE VIBES AND ART. ''I was saddened by Washington's speech on Westnile Television rating westnile music at zero on a scale of one to ten.
Washington, you have no work, no vibes, no nothing. He posted.

According to Bush Boy, Washington is a failure and not even upcoming artists can do record with Washington and as him he is never moved by the producer work.

'You failed in Kampala, Not even upcoming artists do record with you. In fact a person like is never moved by Washington's work nowadays.''

" I feel Depan, Ram Pan De Beat, Viob Dre, Ram Pro, Twisky, Joshman perfection and many more Westnile producers being better than Washington. And it is high time we stop this nonsense of respecting central producers more than ours.' Bush Boy concluded.

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