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Bosmic Otim Should Apologize To Acholi Chiefs For Being Disrespectful - Ladit Abem Bem Requests Bosmic Otim

Posted on Sep 20, 2021
By LTAuthor


Following the controversial singer Bosmic Otim nation addresses, events organizer and artists manager Okot Patrick alias Ladit Abem Bem has requested music star to apologize to the Acholi Chiefs for being so disrespectful to them.

This comes after Bosmic Otim attacked the paramount Acholi Chiefs and naming them to be thugs who were just picked and ordained as leaders with full background of being thieves.

Ladit Abem Bem is currently one of the people who are unhappy with Jol Pwoc hitmaker for tarnishing the name of Acholi Chiefs and Acoli as tribes.

"Bosmic Should Apologize To Rwodi Weny and Ker Kal Kwaro Pa Acholi For Disrespectful.'' He posted.

When asked why he asked Bosmic Otim to apologize to Rwodi Weny "Bosmic Shouldn't have gone to social media if he meant well. Why didn't he take his issue to Gang ker/Ker Kal Kwaro not on Social Media Gang ker Pud Tye.''

The Penny Otum singer has to be respected by Acholi and Ugandan at large because he has contributed to the development of Northern Uganda music industry and fighting for peace in Northern Uganda.

But in the previous year, Bosmic Otim who has ever been on the spot has lost a lot of love from several Acholi people living both in diaspora and Uganda after crossing to NRM party and also using vulgar languages on the leaders.

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