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I Am Not Grooming My Son For Presidency - President M7 Dismisses Talks

Posted on Sep 09, 2021
By LTAuthor


President Museveni has dismissed rumours that he is grooming First Son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, to be his immediate successor when he eventually retires.  

“Why should I groom my son? The people of Uganda are there. They will select whom they want,” he said on Tuesday during an interview with France 24’s Marc Perelman.

Lt Gen Muhoozi, largely viewed as the next president and army Commander in Chief by merchants of ambitions he has neither acknowledged nor denounced, has kept some semblance of a calm political profile about the ill-famed 'Muhoozi Project' often touted by many prominent figures.

But Mr Museveni termed as not serious-the sources and adherents of the claims. 

On social media, believers in the 47-year-old UPDF Commander of Land Forces, Lt Gen Muhoozi, have created several movements mainly disseminating content of approval on this divisive issue. 

Although some critics accuse President Museveni of rapidly promoting his son through the army ranks, he recently said ‘‘the ranks go with the levels of training.

However, Gen Muhoozi a few years ago also dismissed the allegation of him being groomed to succeed his father in the presidency.

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