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Bosmic Otim Slams Hon Odonga Otto For Using Gen Paul Lokech Death As His Campaign Tool

Posted on Aug 24, 2021
By LTAuthor


Legendary Bosmic Otim has slammed former legislator Odonga Otto from using the death of Maj Gen Paul Lokech as a campaign tool.

Bosmic accuses Otto of using social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter to spread messages pitying himself against Maj Gen Lokech as a persecuted and unjustly treated person.

While he says it is understandable, Otim tells Otto to wait until the burial of Lokech is done so he can go ahead to campaign on the “grave of the dead man”.

“Do not hunt for votes using a dead man's name. You are not the first to lose an election and you will not be the last. Stop going around social media dragging the name of the late in your political campaigns,” Bosmic said in audio shared on social media.

Following the death of Gen Paul Lokech, Otto released a missive in which he claimed to have been politically ‘bruised’ by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who used his powers to condemn him to a loss in the previous elections.

Otto narrated that he was arrested, persecuted, and several times threatened with death on orders from Lokech if he did not withdraw his candidature against Christopher Komakech, who is said to be Lokech’s son.

However, Otto lost the election to Komakech and was as well briefly arrested before being released on bond.

Otto in retaliation accused Gen Lokech of interfering in the politics of Aruu country and using security personnel to dictate the winner.

However, by the time of Lokech’s death, Otto had won an election petition in which he asked the Gulu High Court to nullify the victory of Christopher Komakech citing irregularities.

But it should be remembered that Bosmic Otim and Odonga Otto have never come to peace ever since, they are always at war.

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