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Man Beaten To Near Death For Attempting To Rape And Steal A Mobile Phone In Laroo-Pece Division

Posted on Jul 07, 2021
By LTAuthor


A suspected marijuana smoker was brutally beaten to death by a mob in Laroo Forest ward in Laroo-Pece Division, Gulu city after he attempted to rape and steal a mobile phone from a woman who was in her garden.

A 24 year old Kinyera Wilberforce on Monday morning went to the garden where Ayaa Lillian was digging and tried to pick a phone from her pocket.

It is reported that the nearby boda boda men responded when Ayaa made an alarm and they beat Kinyera to until he became unconscious.

David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa river region police spokesperson confirmed by saying police went and rescued Kinyera from the mob and took him for medical attention at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital.

And the case was registered at Gulu Central Police Station under SB15/5/7/2021.

Meanwhile, Kinyera has been discharged from Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and charged with attempted rape and theft at Gulu Central Police Station.

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