Reasons Why Music Promoter Abel Mubarak Relocate To Kampala

Posted on Feb 07, 2020
By LTAuthor

We learnt that Northern Uganda based celebrated music promoter and events organizers Abel Mubarak aka Abel Worldwide who left Gulu town for Kampala last year is now working as an official promoter of voltage music.

It should be noted that before Abel Mubarak left Gulu for Kampala, he was arrested and jailed because of fraud and later he was released out of the jail. But though he was released, Abel almost lost all his close friends from Gulu because of his images.

Abel Mubarak left Gulu town for Kampala because it was too much on his side and he couldn't handle Gulu lives anymore.

He relocated in the late December and after relocating to Kampala, he stamped himself a promotional deal with Uganda's renowned duo, Kent and Flosso Voltage music and started working as an official online promoter, that is where Abel gained powerful strength of coming to life.

However, the year 2019 was really a bad year for Abel Mubarak and could be some of the reasons why he decided to leave Gulu.

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