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Polite Mosko


Name: Okello Moses Stage Name: Polite Mosko Genre: Reggae and Dancehall Occupation: Performing Artist and Songwriter Okello Moses who is best for stage name as Polite Mosko is a born reggae and dancehall artists from Northern Uganda. He was born in District of Gulu, raised from Gulu and moved to Kampala for his study. He started his first music recording in 2007 to gravitate more towards his career. In 2017, he held his first ever music concert dubbed In Keken and Atye Lamal. He currently has two albums In Keken and Atye Lamal. He became famous after her released his dancehall hit titled 'Selector' that went viral in all media platforms in Northern Uganda . Polite Mosko is known for hits such as ' Awene, Acice, Missing You, Gulu Pe Yot, Idwogo, Drop It, Atye Lamal, In Keken, Call Me, Drop It, among others.