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Papa Louis Lino



Birth Name: Ochaya Innocent Opio
Stage Name: Papa Louis Lino
Active Year: 2011
Occupation: engineer, singer and songwriter 

Ochaya Innocent Opio popularly known by stage as Papa Louis Lino is a Uganda recording artist (born 27th June 1992)

He is a mixed-blood both West Niler and Karamjo who started molding his music career in the year of 2011 and in 2014 he recorded his first single.

He went to Kotido mixed p/s for primary education, studied his O'level from St Mary's Namalinga, and later joined Sky Land S.S for A'level. After completing high school studies, he went to U.T.C Lira acquired a diploma in Civil engineering and Bachelor's degree at Kyambogo University.

Professional Papa Louis Lino is a Civil Engineer who paving his way for success in music.

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