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Who is Striker Tresino? Get To Know Who Is Striker Trisino On A 101 Interview With Us

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Who is Striker Tresino?
Striker Tresino real names are Ojok Simon Peter.

Where were you born from Striker?
I was born from Lacekocot in Atanga, Pader District.

Where were you raised up from?
I grew up from Pader District and moved to Gulu in 2002.

When did you join the music industry?
I stepped into the music industry in 2008 when I was still senior three (S.3)

Which schools did you attend for both your primary and secondary studies?
I started my primary studies from Lacekocot primary school then I joined Gulu Public Primary School in Gulu District from primary five until I sat for my primary leaving examinations. And later on, I joined Gulu Secondary School for my O’ Level studies and moved to Nakasongola Army Secondary where I managed to finish my A’ Level from.

How did your parents feel when you told them you joining the music industry!
Actually, I didn’t tell them cause I lost my dad in 1997 and I was left with a single parent and which my mother wasn’t close to me, she was in Pader and I was in Gulu with my grandmother. I didn’t tell anybody about my music except my sister which she was very happy after me narrating to her about my music and she supported me with the first song that I did in 2008 with brother Martin, she is the one who supported my song.

What inspired you into the music industry?
Actually, in the music industry, there is a lot we enjoy, there is fame, money, travelling and touring. Those are the things that really inspired me in the music industry.

Who were the artists that you used to admire their music and you would dream that when you grow up, you would to be like them?
Lumix Da Don (RIP) and Sean Paul were the two artists that inspired me so much in the music.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now as Striker Trisino?
Yeah, I see myself driving some expensive car, owning multi-million businesses running, having my own Palace and also my music growing Internationally.

Which International artist do you dream to collaborate with as Striker Trisino?
I actually dream to do a collaboration with Sean Paul and in Africa, I would love to do a collaboration with Burna Boy then some other artists but those are the two main artists I dream to have collaboration with.

How many songs have you so far released since 2008 when you have just steps in the music industry as an artist?
I have so far released eight songs (8 sings)

Out of your eight songs which one do you love so much Striker?
I love triple 9 because it is the song that rose me to fame.

Why have you done a song called triple nine (999)?
You know, by then triple nine(999) was a toll-free line for police of which when there are any problems with you, you just call for a quicker rescue and that is why I have to do a song like that.

We would like to know whether you are singing under a records label!
Striker Trisino is a solo artist who is not signed under any management but very much interested in being under management.

Presenters once know that the song is on high demand by the listeners, they just go to the database and they delete Now because an artist has not given them some money. Now when listeners call requesting for the song, they will tell them that the song is not in the database because an artist has not paid money for the song to be played, which is unfair and you an artist you have to pay money.

Are you a married artiste?
Ooh not really, I have someone who is ready to propose to me but am now a father with a child.

When are you planning to marry?
I am planning to marry in 2022, that is when I want to have a settled family.

What do you do for a living because we know music is a seasonal business?
I have a Mobile Money shop, glossary, and I also have burning Center for music in Gulu town which is reaping me money when am off the music.

What advice does have for fellow artists like you?
My advice to them is that they should really work hard and should not look at only one direction. They should perceptions, they should not look at music but should look at other business that can keep them around. They should inject much money on promotions.

What message do you have for your fans?
My message to my fans is; Striker is bringing you more good music.

Striker Trisino, who is the best Northern Uganda of currently according to your ratings?
According to my seeing, Eezzy, Pato Loverboy, Judas Rap Knowledge and Laxzy Mover. These are musicians moving and lifting up the Northern Uganda Industry according to the way I wanted.
Not only that, they have moved in various places for performance and also produced songs in song the biggest recording studios in Uganda.

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