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Singer Labert Dickson Talks To Us On A 101 Interview On Why He Gave His Life To God

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Who is Labert Dickson?
Labert Dickson is a musician, songwriter, composer and performing artist.

What is your real name?
My real name is Ojok Dick.

When did you join the music industry?
I joined the music industry in 2006 when I was still in school.

Which school did you attend from the primary and secondary level?
I studied my primary from Police primary, and my secondary level from Gulu High School in O level and A level Kampala High School.

What inspired you into the music industry?
What inspired me into the music industry is that i wanted to send out messages through music to the world.

Who inspired you to do music?
A person who inspired me into music was the late Lucky Dube.

Labert Dickson, are you married or you are still single and searching?
I am a married artist with two children.

Labert Dickson, why have you chosen to give your life God?

I have chosen to give my life to God because i wanted to serve him.

Of recent, you quit secular music, what made you quit secular music?
I wanted to change the life of my fans through gospel music.
I quit because there is power in gospel music.

Labert Dickson, we have seen numerous gospel artist quitting gospel music because there is no money in gospel music. What do you say about it?
There is money in gospel music but they quit because their aim was making money but my mission is spreading the word of God to the world. Seek the kingdom of God then other things will be provided.

What if you have been invited to perform in the clubs or bars, do you still perform in those places also?
Yes, the people in those places need to know more about Jesus Christ & the kingdom God.

How many gospel songs have you released from the time received Jesus Christ in your life?
I have so far released six gospel songs (Lege, Together, You Love Me, Alokaloka, Dano Olare, Pakorwot yesu)

What are the greatest achievements have you achieved since you joined the music industry?
Being popular, Buy Land, build my own house and started my own recording studio.

What are challenges have you faced from the music industry since you joined?
There is no copyright so our music is being used and consumed freely. There is no cooperation among the artists from the region that why we are not prospering. Some presenters want to be paid so that your song is played on the radio to the community.
We lack good equipment to make our music to the world standard.

Since you joined the music industry, which another part of the world has music taken you to apart from Uganda.
My music has taken me to the part of the world like Southern Sudan and Kenya.

Where do you see yourself in five years to come as a new gospel artist?
In five years time, i see myself being an international gospel artist.

What messages do you have for the upcoming artists who are having the same dreams as yours in the industry?
They should let the music be their tools of communication with encouraging and good messages to the world.
There is no gain in using drugs because you can do music without drugs.
You should follow your dreams until you get it but don’t just try because you are seeing other people doing it.

What message do you have your fans?
The message i have for my fans?

I am no longer singing secular music and i will not disappoint you my fans.

If anyone wants to book you for the show, how can they access you!

You can contact me through my mobile number; 0776061661

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