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Producer Badman Koda Wedded Baby Mama

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However, we learnt that Badman Koda has legalized his property with baby mama.
Photo of producer Badman Koda and Bae, holding a wedding, have emerged.

Badman Koda posted a story appreciating his wife on his Facebook page a few days ago,

“To my beautiful wife; you are my wife, you are my bearer of tidings of great joy, in you, i have is…..through i do not know now there is or why, ” a sense of infinite peace and protection in those glittering eyes of yours!

“There it must be, i think, in the vast and eternal lawlessness of our “love” not in daily cares and responsibility an absolute feeling of peace in me lit by your shining soul and this day with this ring, whatever grudges and bitterness we held must find it’s solace and it’s hope. I LOVE YOU MORE than life itself.” He concluded.



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