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He is one of the funniest musicians we have. Okeng opens up to us about who he is in the exclusive interview below:
LUOTUNES: Who is Okeng Born Town?
OKENG: My real name is Obua Alex aka Okeng Born Town. My stage name was Okeng Boy Town but people changed it to Born Town as a result if acting a movie. I am an actor, a radio presenter, Mc, deejay, photographer, a comedian, love doctor and a politician. I started my career way back in 2003 by doing drama. I used to move from town to town, school to school, dropping proposals and they started supporting my team. I have a company called YMG movie industry which is the one leading in Northern Uganda. I have also been supported by Gym Ik from Nigeria. I have acted so far 5 movies and you can get a copy anywhere.
LUOTUNES: Where can we get your movies?
OKENG: In Gulu you can get them from Akanyango enterprises and any video library Northern wide.
LUOTUNES: What inspired you into music?
OKENG: Listening to Bosmic Otim’s dongs inspired me. There were times when I said I also want to be like him.
LUOTUNES: Who is your best artist in Northern Uganda?
OKENG: Bosmic Otim. I love him because of the messages he sends out. He sings meaningful songs.
LUOTUNES: What type of music do you do?
OKENG: I do all types of music. it depends on the atmosphere. I sing and do comedy on stage st the same time.
LUOTUNES: What do you do apart from music?
OKENG: I am a radio presenter in Lira, I work for Pepsi Uganda as brand ambassador for Northern Uganda, I also partner with Youth For Lira and working with Transparency Uganda.
LUOTUNES: What are some of the challenges you face musically?
OKENG: My close friends fight me, I won’t mention them. They just eat you and your money. If you refuse them, they start moving with your name from places to places saying stupid things that Okeng is illuminati, how can Okeng be artist of the year and may others.
LUOTUNES: You currently have a deal with a top NGO. Tell us what the deal is all about?
OKENG: The deal is about spreading messages to people through music.
LUOTUNES: Tell us about your new song Mama.
OKENG: I sung the song mama to appreciate mother. My mother is so important to me. She cooked for me food, looked after me from childhood to adulthood.
LUOTUNES: Last year you won a couple of awards at the Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards where you won artist of the year and your song Leb Luo Kur won best song at the Lango Entertainment Awards. What made you to win this awards?
OKENG: Being focused is key. Am an artist who does not sing because people are singing, I have respect for all music fans, I never miss my shows and I keep trust between me and my promoters.
LUOTUNES: Your song Leb Luo Our ft Prof Wokos was a hit last year and up to date. We all know that you used a beat used by Daxx Kartel in his Mu Baala song. Wasn’t he bothered with that?
OKENG: No he didn’t. In music we call that riddim. There is no problem with that. it’s like challenging someone. Before using that beat I told him and he was okay with it though.
LUOTUNES: Of late there were rumours circulating that you are illuminati. What do you have to say about that?
OKENG: (laughs out loud) Work hard and succeed. Those are lazy people there is nothing like illuminati.
LUOTUNES: Any major concert you are working on thus year?
OKENG: I am going to organise it. it is going to be called “Luo Show” and it will be in Kampala.
LUOTUNES: Easy Bash is your manager. how does it feel working with him?
OKENG: He is a nice promoter and manager and not jealous.
LUOTUNES: A lot if people now look up to you. What advise do you give to young talent who would wish to follow your footsteps?
OKENG: If you have talent for music, do it.
LUOTUNES: Are you dating someone?
OKENG: I have very many girlfriends, and a baby too whom the mother left me.
LUOTUNES: Any words to your fans out there reading this?
OKENG: You reading this continue to follow Okeng Music, like my music, I love you all my fans and thanks for the love and support.

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    I would just say Good work. I really love that guy’s action

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