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Nuclear Ug Goes Attacking Fellow Musicians In His New Song Titled “Kulu”

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Singer Nuclear Ug has this time around gone totally crazy attacking his fellow artists who have gone threatening his life in his new song called “Kulu” which he has just released.

This comes as his second 2019 songs after attacking the same artists in his single Latal, ‘Kulu’ is a Luo word when translated to English means ‘Never’ and in this song, Nuclear Ug is telling fellow artists who are threatening to destroy his life that they will never manage him though they move to hundred witch doctors looking for the way of bewitching him, they will never succeed.

He seemed not to be happy with his fellow comrades who are trying putting his life in danger because of his music career.

We learnt that they are numerous musicians whose names we were not allowed to declare to the public, that they are moving door to door to bewitch him and planning to destroy singer life.

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