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Minister Amelia Kyabadde Ordered Sachet Waragi Ban Out Of The Country

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Speaking at the office of Prime Minister auditorium on Tuesday, Minister Amelia Kyabadde had to present her ministry’s achievement under NRM party manifesto 2016-2021.

She said any business person caught selling or supplying Waragi packed in sachets starting next month will have their goods impounded and confiscated, while any distillers caught manufacturing and packing Waragi in the sachets will have their license revoked.

The minister says that this will follow the expiry of a grace period which government gave the companies that manufacture and sell sachet Waragi, wherein they were given May 31, 2019, as the date by which they should have complied with the ban that was last year pronounced on the manufacture and distribution of sachet spirits.

“If by June 1 we find sachets on shelves, licenses will be lost. Even the imported sachets will face the same fate,” Hon. Kyambadde said.

She also revealed that they have set up a committee that will be moving around to ensure the full implementation of the ban, revealing that so far, only 15 companies have complied.

The minister says that as the government they have directed companies to replace the sachet alcohol with a 200ml bottle of alcohol that will be solved at a price above sh2,000, so as to make it hard for many Ugandans to afford.

She blamed the sachets on the increased bodaboda accidents and poor teacher performances in schools, noting that people had resorted to taking the spirits while at the same time working

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