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Mr.Komakec Robin is the luckiest winner of Twangula with pespi from Gulu. He is a cashier in one of the biggest hotel in Gulu town.

Here he expresses his joy how he became a lucky winner. He told us that one day he bought himself a bottle of Pepsi soda and he decided just to try and see whether this thing of Pepsi is real.

Then when he was at work last Sunday, he got a phone call coming in and when he received that call. They asked him sir what is your name and where are you now.he told them that I am Komakec Robin from Gulu and they told him one thing that you are live on Ntv and you are our lucky customer whose number has entered our draw to be the next of Twangula with pespi.

He told us from that day he started praying to God and they were moving with him in most of the radio station in Gulu to tell what has happened to him and he told people outside there that he has entered into the draw to be the next winner and his words to people was you pray for me so that I bring that vehicle back here in Gulu.

He was taken to kampala on Saturday for the serious draw and he picked the second bottle by God grace he saw all the cameras were on him then he just knew that God is great. His last word to his people who are also sending their code in order become the luckiest winner like him to continue doing it one day, one night you will be him

So he is thanking all his friends, brother,sisters family members who were praying for him that God has made it for your only lovely son Komakec Robin. Thanks may the almighty God bless you all.

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