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Liama Irene Slams Valley Curve Records Management Over “Ijingu Kumi Ikoma” Latest Song

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Songstress Liama Irene aka Liama PonD beat who was accused by Valley Curve Records Management of copyright, stealing or reproducing the Late Lumix Da Don “Injing Kumi Ikoma” has shut down the management.

According to Liama statement, these are the people who never wanted the Late Lumix Da Don song to produced out because the song speaks about them.

However, she said that these are people claiming to be part of valley curve management yet they know nothing about the management.

“How many of our legendary artists and promoters even know this wannabe seeking attention mediocre on social media” instead of keeping the legacy of our fallen hip hop fallen soldier, they are busy spreading hate on social media,” She posted.

She continued: these are the silly individuals who made our legendary artist sing about them in this very song “Injingu Kumi Ikoma” or Nyeko Ikoma.”

“Respect to all our legends and fallen soldiers who represented and are still representing Northern Uganda to the fullest!!!” She added.

“What do you gain from Hate and Sabotage,” she concluded.

It should be remembered that these individuals intentions were to sue Liama Irene to the court, why she reproduced this song without seeking their permissions.

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