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Jose Chameleon And Bebe Cool Life In Danger, After Receiving Death Threats Warning From Ex-ADF Rebel

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Singer Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon have received the death threats warning from the ex ADF rebel known as Kojja Omugezi who demanding them a huge amount of money failure do so there will be killed.

Jose Chameleon said that he has been receiving death threats from this person referring to himself as General and using an MTN number +25677593568, which is registered under the names of Jennifer Mairaduha. He went ahead and claims that the said number sent him a message at 6 pm on Setpember 10th, demanding for Shs 5million or he gets killed but he ingored the request and just today again at 9:17 pm he asked for 8million.

The same man whose names are Kojja Mugezi, also claims that he will kill Bebe Cool’s mother and as well will have sex with Zuena in front of Bebe Cool. He accused Bebe Cool of helping the NRM to win Hoima  by election, which he claims was the worst Bebe Cool has done.

The Gagamel singer has instead decided to expose this man, by posting all his photos and WhatsApp conversations on his Social media to show that he is neither scared nor worried by this man’s threats.

However, this has been in deities as an ex ADF rebel who has been sending him threats online and on his personal WhatsApp number.

“Threatening me won’t work. My mother is over 70 and she has seen it all. You causing harm to her won’t make me support your ideas/cause. Uganda’s opposition supporters think they will threaten their way to leadership, wish you luck.

This man is an ex ADF rebel in UGANDA who got asylum in Ireland, now sending threats to a Ugandan mother. You are so weak to a level that you now resorting to threatening women and children. Fine, go on with your mission but remember teli gwebajja kubajamu mbawo. As for me, I will wait for the next assignment/by-election and work/results will speak again.” Bebe Cool revealed.

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