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INTERVIEW: Meet Preacherman Ug Ras Preacher

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Here is an Exclusive interview of preacherman who is rising fast in Northern Uganda’s Musical entertainment scene.
LUO TUNES: PrecherMan You told us on “NTV DE BEAT” that you are the biggest artist in Northern Uganda is it true!.
PREACHERMAN: Am the biggest Northern Uganda artist because Apass said so.
LUOTUNES: What is you next plan for Northern Uganda Music Industry?.
PREACHERMAN: 1-we need to reorganize ourselves as the Northern Uganda Artist cause of the talent we have.
2-Northern Uganda Artist we have good music but we don’t believe in ourselves that can make it and when we say that we can’t make it and is the one which is affecting us so much lets fight this problem brothers and e.g. Master Blaster.
LUOTUNES: Where is your music career level going.
PREACHERMAN: My music level is going for 5 years proportion only.
LUOTUNES: Who is favourite artist in Uganda and Northern Uganda?.
PREACHERMAN: My best favourite artist in Uganda and Northern Ugandan is PreacherMan myself.
LUOTUNES: What types of generation age are you doing this music for!.
PREACHERMAN: The music am doing is for all generation whether young or old age and for example go and listen to “Welobo”
LUOTUNES: What do say to your promoter and manager out there?.
PREACHERMAN:  I am the manager and promoter per now.
And he added on saying that don’t think that when you buy him drinks for 100k you have to praise yourself when his family are sleeping hungry and you go called yourself manager no that is out.
LUOTUNES: What do you tell to our biggest artist in Northern Uganda who are not in good terms with others?.
PREACHERMAN: 1-They are lost
2-I air this that people are singing the music for having sex with women in the bar.
LUOTUNES: What do you tell your funs outside there who are listening to you?
PREACHERMAN: 1-They should work hard and believe in God
2-If your father did made it for you, you should now fight hard but some people mighty think that you are pulling rope with your father.

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