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LuoTunes: Hi dear, please tell us your name!.
Docky Sandy: My are Akello Dorcus.

LuoTunes: What do you do for a living?.
Docky Sandy: I’m a musician and doing a course of fashion and Design.

LuoTunes.Com: Tell us little about yourself!.
Docky Sandy: I’m an acholi by tribe and come from a medium family of about ten people. Where did you grow up from?.
Docky Sandy: I grew up from Nywoya district a place called Anaka.

LuoTunes.Com: Why did you decided to become a musician?.
Docky Sandy: Music was just in me.

LuoTunes.Com: How many songs have you so far done, Which one was your favorite and why?.
Docky Sandy: I see all are my favorite cause whenever I start playing them, I feel they are all perfect.

LuoTunes.Com: What has been your most touching or amazing moment your have experienced as a musician?.
Docky Sandy: Being loved by people when performing,

LuoTunes.Com: How have you developed your career?.
Docky Sandy: I have built my career through passion.

LuoTunes.Com: How do you price your work?.
Docky Sandy: That one is done personal with business partner.

LuoTunes.Com: Docky are you a married singer?.
Docky Sandy: I’m single and not searching for the moment.

LuoTunes.Com: Where do you see yourself in 5years?.
Docky Sandy: Going for music tours and traveling around the world with my music talent.

LuoTunes.Com: Which music lebal are you signed in?.
Docky Sandy: Am not signed, Am solo and looking for the manager who can take me in another level. Currently fans are questioning themselves that where could you be hiding?.
Docky Sandy: Per now I am in Kampala doing my course of Fashion and Design and it is the one keeping me there during school season but when I am not at school, I am always in Gulu.

LuoTunes.Com: Docky some years back you came up with a killer hit song called “Ojoko” after this going viral marketing on airwaves, and people thought that you would be the one to lift us to the world. But accidentally you disappeared from the airwaves. What could be the problems?.
Docky Sandy: Is only that for a song to sell, you have to release the videos because right now I have very many audios which I don’t want to release them. What benefits have you got from the music industry since you joined?.
Docky Sandy: I got known to the world through music industry. I have interacted with very many people and they have help me out of building my career.
I have learnt to be patient. What are the challenges you are facing from the industry?.
Docky Sandy: Promotion is not easy for me.
Our music at times are not being played by our own radio presenters. Numbers of young talented artists are coming up joining music industry. What is your advice for them.
Docky Sandy: They should be patient in doing everything.
They should learn how to be humble. Some encouraging words for your fans.
Docky Sandy: I really appreciate your support towards my music careers.
And I won’t let you people down.

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