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David Cream Talks To Us On A 101 Interview About His Background And Music Career

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Today we have decided to bring for you the young, dynamic and talented music legend David Cream’s early life, music background and net worth in music industry.

Who is David Cream?
David Cream is a branded, and legendary because of being in this industry for almost 14 years.

What is David Cream your real name?
My real name is Otto David.

Where was David Cream born from?
I was born from Porongo, Nwoya district.

Which year were you born?
I was born in 1997 July 25th

Which school did you attend your primary?
I started my primary level Layibi central primary and Pece Primary school is where I sat primary leaving exam.

Which school did attend your secondary level?
I started in G.S.S O’ level and A’ level I went to Gulu central High School..

What is your most memorable High School moment?
It was when I started acting movie with those of Tam Noffy, Murphy Dee, Adong Knight, Pretty B among others. Being assistant head prefect in Gulu S.S

What inspired you do music?
I just found myself in love with music because of the condition I was going through with my step mother.
I was inspired by legendary singer Tempra Omona.

What was your first job after high school?
My first job after high school was a sales person at Blue Wave company.

What was your best job?
I best job was music and up to now am still into it.

Are you a married artist?
Am not yet in engaged but still in relationship with someone.

How many children do you have?
I have three children.

How would your children describe you as a parents?
Am loving and caring father when it comes to children and am a gentle father.

How do you describe yourself as a parents?    I actually, love children naturally and I love my children because am a loving father.

How many songs do you have since you started singing?

I have two hundred sixty-seven songs including the latest one.

What is your favourite song among all your songs?
My favourite song is Cana Cana.

Why do you love Cana Cana?
This is my song that has a true story about my life.

Do you collaborate with others? What is the process?
The person should be serious because music is a business not for fun.

Tell us about your favourite performance venues.
Acholi Pub in Kitgum because I was just carried to come on stage to perform.

What have you achieved from the music industry since you joined the music game?
My first achievement was buying land and am now building. Am taking care of my family.
I actually, went back to school to upgrade on my papers.

What are the challenges you have faced since you joined the music industry?
Promotion is still the biggest challenge we have,

Which other parts of the world has music taken you to apart from Uganda?
My music has taken me to South Sudan and many districts in Uganda.

Where do you see yourself in three years time?
I want to capture where i have not yet captured musically.

What advice would you have for one wanting to follow in your footsteps?
You should be personate when you are doing it but don’t take it for granted.

What message do you have for your fans?
They should keep loving and keep their trust in me and continue liking my songs and giving me support.

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