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LuoTunes:Who is Bsg Labongo?.
Bsg Labongo:My real name is Dennis Labongo a born of Anaka village. Nwoya district.

LuoTunes:Why did Labongo joined music industry?.
Bsg Labongo:Music is an occupation that comes from my talent.

LuoTunes:What made you join music?.
Bsg Labongo:Music was My first love and it will be my last.

LuoTunes:Which year did you start music recording in studio?.
Bsg Labongo:I started music recording in 2003 @”True Vine” Market street kampala.

LuoTunes:Who do writes for you, your lyrics?.
Bsg Labongo:My mind is the fountain.

LuoTunes:Are you having a manager!.
Bsg Labongo:No manager as yet!.

LuoTunes:Bsg Labongo are a married,because I know that they are very many beautiful girls out there who are admiring you seriously. Are you married!.
Bsg Labongo:I am not yet married but looking forward marrying for love.

Luotunes: People are so inquisitive to know how You handle the huddle/struggles in the music industry.

BSG Labongo: In whatever situation and condition I work hard, think hard and leave the rest in the hands of the almighty God.

LuoTune: Are you born with disability?

BSG Labongo: I got this disability due to the atrocities that took place in Northern Uganda by the LRA rebels at a tender age.

LuoTune: What benefits have you got from the music industry since the time you joined?.

BSG Labongo: Uncountable benefits in the industry made me what I am now.

LuoTune: What are the challenges did get from the industry till date?.

BSG Labongo: There are uncountable challenges mainly financial, management and marketing.

LuoTune: Sometime back, you told us that music producers in Northern Uganda are the main cause of music failure to benefit artists in Northern Uganda, Is it trur?

BSG Labongo: True’ in a sense that half baked products isn’t marketable.

LuoTune: Brother Labongo as we talk now, they are very many upcoming singers into the music industry. What encouraging words can you give to them as a legend?

BSG Labongo: This goes straight to the young hard working talented artists that; every day they are blessed with new opportunities to get better. There is no reason that they shouldn’t take advantage of these opportunities. What they become is far more important than what they get. What they get will be influenced by what they become.

LuoTune: Who is your role model singer/artist?

BSG Labongo: Bujju Banton and Busta Rythmez.

LuoTune: What message do you give to your fans outside there?

BSG Labongo: As a musician in Northern Uganda and Nationally I will never disappoint them as long as I exist. Thus: Blessed Are those who haven’t seen but they believe.

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  1. Catharine says

    Your very wonderful you will do great in the future as your doing today the best is yet to come keep your wonderful and hard work Mr Denise Lonogo

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