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Bosmic Otim Asks Juma Jammie To Be His Spokesperson In 2021

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Legendary singer to turn politician Bosmic Otim with all his intentions for Kitgum Municipality seat in 2021 has called upon Okot Juma alias Juma Jammie during his birthday celebration and asked him to be his spokesman during the campaign.

According to Bosmic, Juma Jammie is not only a radio presenter or music promoter but he is a good spokesperson whom he believes he has the ability to take him through 2021 campaign.

Juma Jammie is most likely to be among the few members who are willing to pump lots of cash in Bosmic’s campaign of 2021 for Kitgum Municipality race.

Our question comes here, will Beatrice Anywar manage the two brilliant sneaks during 2021 Kitgum Municipality office race!

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