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Bobi Wine’s Youngest Brother Banjo Man Unveils Apartment After Sheebah And Spice Diana Showing Off Their Apartment

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After Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana showing off with their apartment, Bobi Wine’s youngest brother Banjo Man has also unveiled his new structure.

This year seems to be a year of Ugandan musicians showing off their sweat and fruits that they are harvesting from the art of music.

According to the source close to Banjo, he has put up his structure just within three months.

Now as the dust is still setting, Bobi Wine’s youngest brother, Banjo Man has shocked the world again by throwing the picture of his mega-mansion he is constructing.

It should be noted that Banjo tried doing music but things did not work well for him and his brother Bobi Wine was not impressed with him.

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