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Beniman Mzeeb 2star Warns Critics To Stop Collecting Money With His Name

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Famous Northern Uganda singer, Beniman Mzeeb 2star has warned criticism who have gone spreading false news on social media and collecting money from people that he has been admitted with prostate cancers at IHMK (operated) to stop collecting money with his name and pushing him to the grave because he knows that he will die but not soon.

He responded to the criticisms,
“I am here not admitted as you are saying.. Rumors around that I am admitted with prostrate cancer at IHMK (operated) and collecting money from people in the name of helping me. God will punish you for that am very sure”

“I am sick but not admitted please. Don’t over push me to the grave I know am going. But the day is unknown. Am very sad. And I sang a song which is very sad coming soon. Why me..very many people are sick and the only u can do is spreading the news about it makes you happy” sad Mzeeb added.

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