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Ali B Birdman



Birth name: Opar Emmanuel
Stage name: Ali B Birdman
Born:  25/December/1994
Genres: Dancehall
Occupation: Singer/ Song writer
Years active: 2017-Present
Tel: 0787584286.

Opar Emmanuel who performs as Ali B Birdman is a Ugandan recording artist.
Opar Emmanuel (Born 25th/December/1994) formerly known by the stage name Ali B Birdman is a Ugandan Dancehall artist. He is an artist who believes in his talent. Ali B Badman has recorded songs like Anyim, Iloyu, Can and Nyalip featuring Elly Frankline. He has a collaboration with Kay Wallet which they are working on.

Background and Early Life
Opar Emmanuel (who performs as Ali B Birdman) is a son to Mr. Ongiertho Justine & Mrs. Ongiertho Grace. He was born in districts of Masaka, Uganda, on 25/December/1994.He went to schools like, Nebbi p/s for his primary education, studied his O’ Level for Angal ss and later joined Nebbi Public for his A ‘level.
Ever since he started gravitating towards music the year 2017, music has never been an option for Ali B Birdman, just a hobby. Those close to Ali B Birdman from his childhood times knew that he was destined to be on stage.

The future looks bright for the talented artist because he is one of the hottest male Dancehall Artists in West Nile and his growing demand as well.
Current he is signed under City Stars Entertainment.
TEL/Whatsapp: +256 787584286.
Tell: +256756024715
Facebook: City Stars Entertainment