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Bulldoza Onetime



Engola Arnold, known professionally as Bulldoza Onetime is a Ugandan artist and songwriter. He is currently a student of Gulu University pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Education.

He was born in October 18th 1994 in Alito, Kole District in Northern Uganda. He lived in Kampala for most of his earlier years.

He attended Wisdom Junior School, an affiliate of Bukasa Primary School at the time. For his O’level and A’level, Bulldoza Onetime went to Wobulenzi Town Academy where he was motivated to write songs and perform them for his fellow students.

Over the years, Bulldoza Onetime has worked with various producers including Daddy Andre, Producer Jox Adhola, Game and Richard Fingertouch. He has written a number of songs in English, Lugand, a, and Luo. His first song, ‘love messenger’ was produced in 2013 and he has never looked back since. 
One time, Bulldoza Onetime was locked up with Producer Jox Adhola immediately after the production of “no go fight.” That’s when he realized that there is a big price to pay as a musician in Uganda.

Currently, his main focus is to spread joy in Northern Uganda with the talent that God bestowed upon him

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