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“Am Not Finding Happiness As It Used Be” Fresh Kid Cries Out

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Since Fresh Kid commenced his education journey at Kampala Parents, his father decided to take full control over him and they have been staying together in Naguru.

Just as we thought that Fresh Kid’s education breakthrough will bring him more happiness, the toddler real names Patrick Ssenyonjo has revealed that he is uncomfortable.

Before throwing his usual punch line ‘Tuveeyo eye’, Fresh Kid revealed that his father’s (Paul Mutabaazi) as tight marking is affecting his music career.

“I am not yet faded. I am at school,” said Fresh Kid when asked about his recent rare event performances.

“I am not as comfortable as I used to be. I told him (father) about it but he did not say anything,” he added.

Yesterday the rapper’s manager Francis Kamoga came out and expressed his frustration about the limited time he is recently getting in trying to push Fresh Kid’s music career. Kamoga said even on weekends where the kid is not at school, the father confines him at home.

“Fresh Kid got the sponsorship because of his musical talent,” Kamoga said. “We must not abandon it. It also means a lot to his future,” he added.

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