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Last weekend on Friday we met with one female singer Adong Nightingal and she shared with us more about her life story and you can read them below:

LUOTUNES: Who is Adong Nigtingal?
ADONG: Adong is an artist, singer and song writer.

LUOTUNES: When did you joined music industry?
ADONG: I joined music industry in 2017.

LUOTUNES: What inspired you into music industry today?
ADONG: A singer from Northern Uganda called Rosslyn Otim with her music itself made me to love music today.

LUOTUNES: When did you start your music career?
ADONG: I began my music career last year 2017.

LUOTUNES: What do you do apart from singing or being a musician?
ADONG: I am a business lady who deals in dresses and salon.

LUOTUNES: Do you want to stick with music with music only per now or your aim is to do some else!.
ADONG: I want to take my music career to next level.

LUOTUNES: Is Adong Nightingal married singer or she is still single and searching!
ADONG: I am a single mother who is single but not searching per now.

LUOTUNES: Why does Adong like putting on the dresses that exposes her body?
ADONDG: I don’t like putting on such clothes, but am always forced by my designer to do so and she tells me that I should put on something that makes me more attractive and look smarter.

LUOTUNES: One week ago, you have releases a brand new hit song called Pwong Pa Mego which is now being request all over the radio stations. Why did you decided to do such song?
ADONG: It’s because it carries a lot of messages. It also judges people e.g people who are like we ladies,they just look at us but they don’t know what is inside and they should stop judging people from the outside appearance.

LUOTUNES: Who is your role model artist because I know you joining music industry there is someone whom you admired?
ADONG: My role model artist is Rosslyn Otim.

LUOTUNES: What are the challenges you are facing today in the music industry?
ADONG: Our radio presenters are always after money from we the artists before them playing your songs, They are after promoting other countries music and on top of that they don’t even give them any single coins and they don’t know them but we who even give them some money so that our music is played,you find them playing it once and they stop.
And these are the promoters who even knows you and instead of promoting the home artists they are just after money.
You find them again supporting Nigerian, Ghana, Kenyan and Tanzanian music and why our radio presenters.

During the interview with Ivan

LUOTUNES: What can you do to avoid such problems?
ADONG: I don’t see giving money to the presenters in order to play our songs.

LUOTUNES:What benefits have you got so far from the time you into the music industry?
ADONG:I have got so much love from my fans.
I have created a lot of friends through music.

LUOTUNES: What advice do you give to the young upcoming talented artists wbo are interested in joining music industry?
ADONG: I encourage them to do much because I know that outside there, they are very many young artists with good music.
And I pray so that nothing can block way so that you explore your talents.

LUOTUNES: Right now Liama Irene is said to be the best female artists in Northern Uganda, Do you agree with that?
ADONG: What I know is that when someone comes out with something good that means she deserves to be. We artists of Northern Uganda we are very few and everyone is doing his or her best for their fans.

LUOTUNES: What should your fans from outside their expect from your this year?
ADONG: I have a lot for you my fans,so you expect a lot of good music with strong messages from me this year.

LUOTUNES: Some words for your fans and family outside there waiting to read your views.
ADONG: I pray to God to keep on blessing you for what you are doing for me and loving my music.I thank those one are supporting my music and promoting my songs from wherever you are.

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