Singer Avie Ug, Perisha Aisha Reportedly Pregnant For Producer Ricko

Posted on Mar 24, 2021
By LTAuthor


Singer Avie Ug and Perisha Aisha have been reportedly carrying the sharpshooter producer live seeds which are now germinating in them.

This comes a few days after the news of two female socialites fighting over producer Ricko's sweet banana sparked all social media platforms.

During an interview with the feeling hitmaker Avie Ug who dumped her white baby dad for producer Ricko's sweet banana clearly declared that she is pregnant for the producer.

And in the other hand, when interviewed Perisha Aisha who shuttered the hearts of producer just after parting ways with long term boyfriend, DJ Khazo, she also declared that she is also carrying Pro Ricko live seeds.

Perisha Aisha snatched Pro Ricko from Avie Ug at the time she joined Eezzy's music team and where she met producer Ricko who was by then Eezzy's official producer. 

It should be noted that producer Ricko has been hanging around and wiring the juices wells of these two ladies tubeless when he is in their areas.

Avie Ug and Perisha Aisha have become the third wives to producer Ricko if at all they are all carrying the producer's live seed.

We are yet to find out whether he responsible for all the pregnancies.

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