President Museveni Warns Judiciary From Blocking Huge Projects Coming In The Country

Posted on Jan 29, 2020
By LTAuthor


President Yoweri Museveni has warned judicialry from blocking the country huge projects which have financial importance as such policy that denies the country economic growth and employment which are part of historical mandate of the National Resistant Movement Government.

The President pointed out this on Tuesday at the official opening of the 22nd Annual judges conference at Mestil Hotel in Nsmabya, Kampala referring to a case in which the investor in the Osukuru fertilisers factory in Tororo District Eastern Uganda was stopped by the Court from operating due to some misunderstanding between the two parties. The 4 days conference that is running under the theme 'Discharging the Mandate of the Judiciary Towards a Modern Professional and Effective Judiciary' “This huge project has got financial implications. The money is from the bank and any delay means interest is accumulating. The total investment is US$630 million. You cannot be serious. What are you looking for? This is not an institutional mandate but a historical one,” the President said.

He noted that such a matter could have been solved without breaking the construction of such a huge project where investors had already compensated the resident over 40million US dollars. He further noted that there is some degree of waking up today in the country as manifested by the glut of various products such as milk, sugar, maize, bananas and even construction materials. He, however, added that the only challenge is the market that the government is working hard to resolve through integration. On the issue of remuneration, President Museveni assured participants that their salary enhancement will continue until the comparable international standard is reached, adding that the institution of the judiciary has a unique role of peacemaking in society.

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