My Life Is In Danger, Have Nowhere To Run - Bosmic Otim Cries Out

Posted on Jan 29, 2020
By LTAuthor


Northern Uganda based famous music legend Otim William alias Bosmic Otim who has not been living a happy life ever since he showed his interest as an aspirant for Kitgum Municipal MP seat in the upcoming 2021 general election under People Power Movement. The frustrated singer has taken it to Facebook and admitted that his life in danger though people think what is doing is just for the sake of doing them. "For anyone who wants to take this matter as an important matter that will help the culture or you, open your ears well, for whatever things that are happening on social media, I am using my brain so that it doesn't worsen so much but to be credible, " he said. According to Bosmic Otim, his life is in danger, for someone who thinks he has just got a chance of jubilating on social media because he had some disputes or annoyed you, he is very sorry.

However, Otim said what is happening now is beyond thinking capacity and desire for Acoli where he is now gambling with life so that he also lives around. He added on saying that there are few individuals who are with full desire for becoming leaders but they are having fears in him, others are having a position in the ruling government but way back, they used to hate him because they used to see him in a side that threatens them. "They have forwarded false statements that don't work, they have implicated me to the government, now I need you to listen very carefully because you're the people who are sabotaging my name on Facebook while asking me that you tell us what is happening, come out and be open. There are other secrets which we fear to leak out because of security purposes.

Your children who are our children, your brothers and sisters who are my brothers and sisters drew close to me with an intentions on how to beat with an organized plan that how can we beat Bosmic Otim technically or tactically so they decided to forward false statements to the government that Bosmic Otim and crew of Nile Republic are forming a rebel group and whatever things people are saying on social media that hey, we have seen him among the yellow people is now unless, the main thing is that these people who fear me and having thoughts that when am left free, I will still disturb them, they have now wrapped up my legs and they have now gone to the government and said am forming a rebel group.'' Bosmic stated in a video he took to his Facebook.

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