We Don't Need Bobi Wine, Bobi Wine Is A Liar And A Papet - Kitgum Rastafarian King Stings Bobi Wine

Posted on Dec 21, 2020
By LTAuthor


The notorious king of Kitgum, Rwot Jah Fire Alo has come out publicly to attacked  Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and named him a liar and a papet.

In the video, that has sparked social media, Rwot Jah Fire Alo is seen smoking weed with group of friends holding Bobi Wine's banner while speaking disgusting words on Bobi Wine that he should stop misleading youths.

The Rastafarian King Jah Fire Alo expressed that they came to realize that Bobi Wine is a liar and a papet and they don't need him anymore because he is confusing youths and lot of people are dying.

"All Manuel selasjia hah Rastafarian, on the behave of the Rastafarian foundation, on the behave of the youth of kingdom of Rastafarian we found Bobi Wine, Bobi Wine is a liar, Bobi Wine is a papet, we don't need Bobi Wine, Bobi Wine is confusing the youths, a lot of people are dying, what is Bobi Wine doing for the people, we don't like that nonsense, people are dying Bobi Wine, yes we need a change in Uganda but we love to bring change in Uganda and we need a new leader." Said in the video.

He, however, concluded that there is nothing that Bobi Wine doing to the people of Uganda instead people are dying.

Watch video here>>>https://youtu.be/PtwyP3Jck2Q

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