I Don't Have Time To Meet The Electoral Commission Except On X-Mass Day - Amuriat

Posted on Dec 15, 2020
By LTAdmin


Presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat commonly known as POA has issued a statement saying he and the FDC party at large have no time to meet the Electoral Commission, saying they are too busy to have time for them.

Speaking this afternoon, Amuriat said their program is extremely tied. If they took a day off, they will not have time to go back to that venue.

"If they want me in person, the only day I have available is 25th December which is Christmas day.

Last week, the EC summoned Bobi Wine and Amuriat for alledged breach of electoral rules and guidelines issued to them to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The two were expected to appear before the EC before Monday 14th December to defend themselves and also forge a way.

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