Mc Rock Remanded To Lira Prison Over Theft Charges

Posted on Oct 27, 2020
By LTAuthor


The celebrated and award-winning Lango based events emcee, Mc Rock was on Friday remanded to Lira Prison over malicious damages.

Mr. Okema, the owner of capital pub in Lira City said Mc Rock and colleagues were hired by his landlady to illegally evict him from her rentals where he was renting for quite a good time but in the process of evicting him, they ended up damaging a lot of his properties.

"What happened, Mc Rock was hired by my landlady who is a friend to him to come and evict me illegally from her rental so in the process, they broke into my bar and caused a lot of damages and I realized that my landlady who was planning to evict me illegally because she was having my debts of 7.5 million with her that she had made from my bar without paying me. So Rock's problem is that he has made the landlady to use him in spearheading the gangs to break into my bar and damaged a lot of my properties.'' He said.

According to Mr. Okema, Mc Rock was given even a police bond but he had a case at the police and police officers were hunting him for arrest, so with this case, he landed back to the trap of police and they had to remanded to Lira prison for further listening to his case.

Meanwhile, speaking to singer Chemical Man, he told the website that as Lira City-based musicians, they are organizing to fundraise for Mc Rock so that he is freed

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