I Regret Breaking Up With Daddy Andre Over A Mere HIV Test - Angella Katatumba Cries Out

Posted on Oct 27, 2020
By LTAuthor


Heartbroken Angella Katatumba has said she is regretting breaking up with her ex boyfriend Daddy Andre real names Andrew Ojambo who has now got engaged with fellow artist Nina Roz last week.

Andre got engaged to fellow singer Nina Akankunda alias Nina Roz in a traditional ceremony dubbed kukyala.

Most people have been waiting for Katatumba’s reaction given the fact that she had been lovers with Daddy Andre.

Daddy Andre and Katatumba dated for about six months and made it a point to paint their love all over social media. Their relationship even birthed the popular ‘Tonelabira’ song that went on to top the charts.

However they broke up when Daddy Andre refused to take an HIV test.

In an interview, Katatumba congratulated the couple adding that It was emotional to say bye-bye to Andre because they broke up because of other reasons.

“The emotion I get is what would have been if we were still together? The truth is that had I not left, we would be together up to date but I don’t regret since both of us moved on already,” she said.

“That man gave me the world, he gave me almost everything but it’s fine and my thoughts will always be with him since we even did a song together,” she added.

She said the move she took to leave Andre was to protect her life because there is nothing in this world better than life.

“Women should value themselves. Life comes first, you can have all the billions of money but without health you have nothing and it’s human to be emotional therefore I don’t regret,” she said.

She urged the public not to blame her for the decision she took then because it was her choice to leave although she is glad for what Andre did for her.

According to Angella, she is waiting to perform at his wedding ceremony as long as she is paid to sing.

She concluded that Andre has done a lot of things for her and she can't easily forget him although she was also heartbroken when she left her emotion and thoughts will always remain with him. 

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