Am The Only Female Contestant In Aswa, The Rest Are Queen Dancers - Liama Roars Out

Posted on Oct 17, 2020
By LTAuthorxxxx


Sensational musician Lalam Irene alias Liama has been nominated for Member of Parliament Gulu District Woman MP.

Liama real name Lalam Irene, who was nominated on Friday on the National Unity Platform ticket was nominated from Gulu District Electoral Commission headquarters in Awach.

Addressing the press at the Gulu District Headquarters on Friday after her successful nominations, Lalam Irene said she is not a bench warmer and she is the only female contestant in Aswa the rest are queen dancers, and as such, she has decided to come as a NUP candidate.

"I want to tell you that am not a bench warmer, the people who are warning bench in the Parliament of Uganda it's the end of your time, Lalam Irene has come, am telling you that I have never been a bench warmer or a backbencher. They have been always backbenchers not bringing people issues at hand, women issues at hand that is it and am telling you Lalam is here with the power of people National Unity Platform as in Aswa and the rest are queen dancers and we don't know about any female contestant in Aswa apart from Lalam Irene,'' she explains.

According to Lalam Irene, the people of Aswa county for a very long time they have been watering a dead anthill which does not produce ant and she is the right ant hill to produce white ant for the people of Aswa.

"What I want to tell people of Aswa for a very very long time they have been watering a dead anthill that has not been producing white ant year by year and season after season and now am telling you people of Aswa my stomach is full of  white ant and is ready to produce the white ant ( iyaa dong opong niking ki ywen madong tye atera me cwe......uu yup raa wuu lutwua).

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