'Snoopy King', Lizo Has Teamed Up With Aguu, They Want To End My Life

Posted on Oct 08, 2020
By LTAuthor


Singer Snoopy King's real name Opwonya Amos has said his fellow singing duo, Lizo is behind his current problem with aim of eliminating him.

Snoopy King of the Northern Fire Music says he was attacked by the bad boys (aguu) in July 2020 during day light and he was told that his fellow singing duo whom he parted ways with in 2018 was behind the setup and he wanted him dead but he thank God that he is still alive.

It should be noted that Snoopy Na Lizo was the people's hope after Laxzy Mover and Nyinga Blamo separated in 2017. The singing duo won best duo awards two times in a row before parting ways with their hit songs such as Ketty and Muziki under their belt.

Meanwhile, Snoopy said currently his life is in danger because his fellow singer has hired bad boys to end his life and they are still planning to storm his place after he survived death.

According to Snoopy King, he had filed a case to Gulu Central Police that he is being followed up by bad gangs who want to eliminate him.

"Only that this day I use to see him every day with does aguu boys who storm me together and they are still planning to come to my place as someone told me their plan recently." He said.

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