Mc Kash Owakabi Signs Two New Deejays Under His Management,

Posted on Jul 03, 2020
By LTAuthor


Swagg Team Nation boss, Kash Owakabi has added two more new deejays to the management. Kash Owakabi is known for raising talented singer Laxzy Mover whom he took over after he parted way with his fellow singer Nyinga Blamo. Laxzy Mover and Nyinga Blamo were the most high rated duo artist in the region but after their break up, there hasn't been any untouchable duo like them.

Laxzy Mover has managed to win numerous accolade under his management and gained huge fans base both local and international.

The two upcoming deejays who were signed to the management on Wednesday are Dj Nesta and Dj Recardz who are already official deejays under the label.

Mc Kash Owakabi is one of the hardworking managers who are working day and night to raise talents in the entertainment industry to another level.

Swagg Team Nation management team confirmed the news with message.
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, players in the game. It's been long since I spotted new talents on behalf of 'Swagg Team Nation' brand Podium deejays, allow me to introduce to you our new signings to join me Joel Fresh. Here is the youngest Dj; Dj Recardz official and the only female deejay to rock you, @Dj Nesta official. They will be nutured, mentored and managed by Swagg Team Nation which is affiliated to the famous Swagg Team Nation."

''Please accord them with all the support love and everything else as we work to develop more talents in the industry."

Dj Nesta and Dj Recardz have joined the like of singer Laxzy Mover and Dj Joel who was also signed to the label earlier this year after quitting club Pier A2.
As this website, we wish Dj Nesta and Dj Recardz success into their new home.

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