Fist Fight Erupts As Choice Fm Journalist Chowo Willy Survived Gorilla Punches On His Face

Posted on Jul 01, 2020
By LTAuthor


Choice Fm Journalist and environmental activist Chowoo Willy had a bad time on Tuesday as people were eagerly awaiting for Gulu Municipality to attains city status on 1st July 2020. The journalist was engaged in rat and cat fight with notorious Gulu City Mayoral aspirant, Aligech George Lapir.

According to Chowoo Willy, Mr Aligech stormed him in his office and wanted to fight him and grabbed his mobile phone infront of his manager plus some colleagues who were in his office during the scuffle and helped to separate them before he gave him a hot punch on his face.

"Mr Aligech came to my office, he grabbed my mobile phone and started abusing me with vulgar wards in front of my manager and some colleagues of mine." He said.

He however said that if anything strange happens to him between now and election times, people should know that Mr Aligech is responsible for it since he mentioned that things shall be bloody.

"Since he has mentioned that things shall be bloody, if anything happens to me between now and election times, know that he would be the cause" he continued.

Aligech who is the president of Gulu Municipal Development Forum is being accused for storming and attacking Chowoo Willy at his office located at Post Building.

With the case registered under SD REF No: 37/30/06/2020 at Gulu Central Police Station, Chowoo wants Aligech horned for his uncouth behavior prior to Police investigation

Aligech George Lapir attacked Chowwo Willy over what appears to have been a comment he made on Balmoi Steven post in which Choice Fm Journalist Chowo Willy made "The president of Gulu Municipality Development Forum, let us down, the city does not have a shared vision and that does not include us anymore,"

Aligech on seeing Chowoo Willy comment, he had to forced his way into Willy's office and insulted him with vulgar wards in front of his manager. There followed a scuffle that took colleagues to calm down. Aligech then left the venue. 

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