Beenie Gunter Refuses To Go For DNA Tests, Admits To Be Responsible For Maid Child

Posted on Jun 29, 2020
By LTAuthorxxxx


Uganda's dancehall artist Crescent Baguma alias Beenie Gunter has refused that he is no longer going for a DNA test to ascertain whether the child he sired with a one Fiona Akankwasa is his.

A few days ago, a 21 years old woman identified as Akankwasa Fiona appeared on several media platforms claiming that she used to plant live seeds together with Beenie Gunter which later resulted into a baby but according to Bennie Gunter at first he wasn't responsible for the germinated seed.

However, Fiona through giving singer sleepless nights, singer had to accept that he is responsible for the germinated seed. 

Beenie Gunter says it’s not important anymore since he has already accepted the responsibility to take care of the child.

“I think what is important is that I am willing to take care of the child. There was miscommunication in the past days between me and Fiona. That’s why she ran to the media,”he says

Whereas Fiona had earlier claimed to be a maid but it has been established she is not.

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