Spice Diana To Sing On Africa Allstar Coronavirus Song

Posted on Jun 02, 2020
By LTAdmin


All over the globe, music has been a tool in the fight against corona virus with musicians creating songs and dance moves to educate the public on its dangers .

From Bobi Wine to a selective of comedians, Ugandan artists have also taken time off to participate in the fight against the killer disease.

The latest to shoot for the stars, is local singer Spice Diana who featured on a Do not Go Viral Campaign ““Zero Corona” by the Collective Africa Zero Corona.

The song features more than 20 African artists from more than six countries, among including Dj Kedjevara (Ivory Coast), Inoss B (Congo), Anicko (Benin), Wiz Boy and J Martins (Nigeria) and Bebe Tobongo (Burkina Faso).

The song premiered on Africa’s music platforms in a concert organised by UNESCO as part of the celebration of Africa Day on Monday.

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